Waking the Dead (2000): Cogs


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The clip Cogs from Waking the Dead (2000) with Jennifer Connelly, Billy Crudup

You're the incarnation of your family's ambition.
And I am the incarnation of your family's fear.
Your father, his name is Ed. Your mother's name is Mary.
They named you Fielding.
What does that mean?
It means I was meant to succeed.
I accept that.
I don't want to watch you turn into a cog in their machine.
That's so...
...fucking condescending.
Sometimes cogs can make machines run a little bit better.
Mostly they turn in circles and wear out.
And then they get replaced.
Come work at the church with me.
Yeah, don't work for the US Government.
Work for the people who brought us the Children's Crusade and the Inquisition.
That's a moral step up.
It's infuriating loving you sometimes.
The feeling's mutual.

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