Waking the Dead (2000): With Sarah on the Plane


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The clip With Sarah on the plane from Waking the Dead (2000)

Oh, God, I had this dream.
You want to hear it?
You're a senator.
We're at this...
...fancy Washington party...
...and I'm in this expensive, low-cut gown...
...and all I can think is that...
...I can't move my hands because I haven't shaved under my arms.
If anyone sees, then your whole career is ruined.
I'm so glad I'm starting in Chicago with a job.
Working with the church makes me feel like I'm here...
...on the planet, you know?
And I matter.
You matter to me.
That's different.
Besides, you have law school.
I'm never going to see you, anyway.
I think I'm scared of disappearing.
I'm not going to let that happen.
It's not up to you.

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