Gau Ngao Gau (2006): Wai and His Father


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The clip wai and his father from Gau ngao gau (2006)

I am bloody working here!
Did you kill the fat guy at the landfill?
You needn't do anything. Take him to the station.
Chef, calm down!
If you take him back now, he's finished!
If we don't, he's really finished!
Let go of me!
Leave me alone! Let go!
Let go of me!
You bastard!
I'd have shot you long ago if your dad wasn't my friend!
Why can't you act decently?
As soon as your father woke up, he asked for you.
If he sees you in this shape.
he's going to be upset!
You're just a piece of shit!
You're calling me a piece of shit?
Then what about him?
Do you know how much he hurt me?
Your dear friend.
the big hero, my dearest father...
He's none of these!
I tell you, he's just a bastard!
What did you say?
He's no good. I'm telling you!
How dare you!
I wish he were a good cop, too.
I only wish he were.
But he wasn't.
He really wasn't at all.
Inspector Ti!
Constable No. 3721 reporting!
You wanna be a cop?
You're not allowed to be a cop.

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