Johnny Was (2006): Change of Plans


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The clip change of plans from Johnny Was (2006)

How's the craic?
Did your mother knit that hat?
What's up?
Sorry, Flynn, change of plans.
You're hurting my feelings now, Jimmy.
Can you just get us our of here, please?
Do you mind the time that you and I
we took out that armored van?
Good times, Flynn.
You were good.
It needn't be this way.
All I need is a few good men.
Put it down.
You could never shoot straight, anyway.
Things change.
What the fuck is going on?
Wrong side of the split.
Johnny was right. We're on the fuckin' wrong side.
Stay down and you stay calm.
What now?
How the fuck would I know?
Get out.
It's my bloody van.
It's my bloody mess. Now, get out.
Some mate.
Bring me back my van!

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