Traffic (2000): Visiting the EPIC Center


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John, how are you? Bob Wakefield, pleasure.
Judge, welcome.
Good to see you. How are you?
Long time, no see.
EPIC is very unique.
It's a facility that has over 15 different agencies-state and local-
that participate in gathering intelligence...
and making sure that information gets out...
to people in the field that need it to stop drug trafficking.
From here, we have the ability to track vessels, airplanes, boats,
anything that carries drugs.
When the information comes in, we're able to check with different databases...
to see if it's in the system or not.
And would most of that energy be focused on the two cartels?
The Juarez, the Obregon brothers
Are those the two that would be most important?
Those are the two clearest threats right now.
They are the dominant force in trafficking,
both on the Mexican side and in the U.S.
How are the cartels achieving...
the level of intelligence and sophistication that they're showing?
Craig, why don't you answer that?
An unlimited budget.
So, you're saying, actually, that even a country of our size...
and the budget that we throw towards this issue,
they can compete at the same level?
No, they're way beyond us.
"Way beyond"?
Our budgetary process makes us pale in comparison.

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