Traffic (2000): Lemonade


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The clip lemonade from Traffic (2000) with Don Cheadle, Luis Guzmán

A cash advance.
How much can I get?
That's it?
You ever try the patch, man?
The what?
The patch.
That shit doesn't work, bro.
It worked for my cousin.
No shit?
He had to wear five or six at a time, but it worked.
So, how's he doing now?
Oh, he's dead.
He's dead?
It wasn't from the patch, man.
Okay, she's coming out.
On it.
What did he die from?
His wife shot him.
She's leaving her property.
Where the hell is she going?
Maybe her neighbors.
No, I don't think the neighbors are fucking with her too much right about now.
What does she have in her hand there?
She seems to be headed for the van.
Oh, shit.
Wh-What do we do?
I-I don't know. What do we do?
What do you think she wants, man?
She's your girlfriend.
You think she'll invite you to her baby shower?
Just say hello. Work it.
All right, all right, all right.
She's waiting outside the van.
Would you like some lemonade?
I was just making some.
You want some lemonade?
I knowt his is a difficult situation, and you're only doing your jobs.
I don't wish you guys any ill will or anything like that.
But I have a favor to ask you.
You're asking us for a favor?
Some man threatened my child.
These charges have created so much attention,

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