Traffic (2000): Trial 2


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The clip trial 2 from Traffic (2000)

Your Honor, this is a man who heads a large criminal organization...
with international contacts we can only begin to understand.
Our case against him is very strong.
He is not a flight risk. His flight is assured.
The people ask that Your Honor deny bail. Thank you.
My client is no more a flight risk...
than Your Honor or the able prosecutor.
He's a pillar of his community;
a family man with a wife and child living in La Jolla,
the communitywhere he has made his home for the past 20 years.
As our defense will quickly show,
my client is guilty of nothing more...
than being the handy target of an admitted criminal.
Therefore, we ask that you release Carl Ayala on his own recognizance.
I'm going to deny bail.

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