Traffic (2000): Nice to Prisoner


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The clip nice to prisoner from Traffic (2000) with Tomas Milian

My technique is more profound than yours, Javier.
Much more profound.
When he loves me like a father,
he will never tell anyone he was here.
He will give me the names of his superiors.
Then we get them and they too will give us names.
And eventually somebody will get us to Juan Obreg�n.
And on that day, the Tijuana cartel will fall.
What a disgrace.
What a disgrace, Francisco Flores.
It's all right. Salazar is here.
You're among friends now.
This shameful treatment will stop immediately.
Yes, General.
Are you responsible for this?
We are not savages!
Yes, General.
Has he eaten?
I don't know, sir.
Go get him some clothes.
Yes, General.
Your Honor, this is a man who heads a large criminal organization...

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