Traffic (2000): Get Released Part 3


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The clip get released Part 3 from Traffic (2000)

I mean, we've all had our moments.
Lord knows, I tried every drug there was
I don't want to hear about that.
You experimented when you were in college.
Shall we take the quotes off experiment and call it what it was?
This is different.
She's 16 years old!
I think she needs to find out for herself, on her own.
We have to allow her room to figure out
You want to give her room?
So she can O.D. like that other kid?
I am not sending out the message that our family will accept this behavior...
because we do not.
Of course, but we don't want to push her away.
She has to know that we understand what she's exposed to.
How long have you known about this?
How long have you known?
Six months.

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