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The clip speech from Traffic (2000)

I got a copy of your speech.
It's fantastic.
So, Robert, my genuine thanks.
You're my choice. You're gonna be great.
The president's sorry he hasn't been able to spend more time with you.
After the press conference, he wants to really sit down.
Oh, and I got to the Post too.
Don't worry about that thing with your daughter. It's not news.
They're willing to treat it as a family matter, personal matter.
Anyway, if it came out, we could turn it into a qualification.
"I've been in the trenches of the drug war.
I've seen the face of the enemy. Etcetera, etcetera. "
A sterling reputation and close friend of the president,
recently confirmed into the Office of National Drug Control Policy,
our new drug czar, Robert Hudson Wakefield.
The war on drugs is a war that we have to win,
and a war that we can win.
We have to win this war to save our country's most precious resource-
our children.
Sixty-eight million children have been targeted...
by those who perpetrate this war...
and protecting these children must be priority number one.
There has been progress, and there has been failure.
But where we have fallen short,
I see not a problem,
I see an opportunity.

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