Traffic (2000): Crossing the Border in the Trunk


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The clip crossing the border in the trunk from Traffic (2000) with Benicio Del Toro

Have you told the complete truth during this interview?
That's good shit, Javier.
You know, Javier,
they dump those cell phones every 24 hours.
Yes, but I have a contact at MexTel...
who can get me his new E.S.N. in 12 hours.
That's good to know.
So, now that you have what you want,
let's talk about how I get what I want.
Oh, you don't have to worry about that.
You're not gonna have any problems there.
Yeah, but first let's talk about what precautions you're taking to protect yourself.
You worry about getting me what I want.
I'll worry about myself.
Oye, Javier, you should feel good about this.
I feel like a traitor.

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