Traffic (2000): Surveillance Team

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The clip Surveillance team from Traffic (2000) with Michael Douglas, Luis Guzmán Okay, Gordon, no telltale...
The clip Surveillance team from Traffic (2000) with Michael Douglas, Luis Guzmán Okay, Gordon, no telltales: no scratching your nose, no clearing your throat, no crossing your legs. I got it. You got it, babe. I'm cool, man. You just don't tell any jokes. " Don't tell any jokes"? Don't tell jokes. It's a giveaway, Ray. It's not a giveaway. Every time you tell a joke, it's a giveaway. Don't tell any jokes. You know what the problem is? You are too uptight, man. Why don't you loosen up, take a deep breath? Breathe in slowly. A little stretching maybe. Come on, man. They're looking at us. Come on, man. We're gonna get these motherfuckers. We know our shit. Can I get it? Can I get it? Oh, baby, can I say it? Say it. It's show time. We're looking for Mr. Eduardo Ruiz. We have a 2:00 appointment. He's right down the hallway in the back room. Thank you. Come in. Hey, fellas. Come on, you guys. Get him talking. Get him outside. How you doing? I'm well. How are you? I'm good. Look, what's up, Ed? We gonna move some white or what? You guys ever bought a quarter ton before? No? I don't think so. It's a big fucking deal, all right? It's not like you can stick it in a condom up some mule's asshole. How many peasants is that gonna take? You'd have a line from here to Mexico City. You say show up at a time, we show up at the time and we're fucking sitting here. Sure I can't offer you something to drink? I can offer you ajoke. You want to hear a joke? I got a joke, I got a joke. Come on, bro. It's just a joke. Let me tell one joke. I'm gonna tell you a joke. All right, why are hurricane named after women? I don't know. Because when they arrive, they're wet and wild. When they leave, they take your house and your car. It's true. You didn't find that funny? I chuckled. Damn. Fellas... that's us. Yo.