Traffic (2000): Hire Assassin


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The clip hire assassin from Traffic (2000) with Clifton Collins Jr., Catherine Zeta-Jones

You were followed by the police,
but they won't be able to hear us over the children.
I want to use a bomb.
Are you kidding?
Can't you just shoot him or something?
I don't really like guns.
You shoot somebody in the head two, three times...
and some pinche doctor is trying to keep him alive.
When are you gonna do it?
I don't know.
Eduardo Ruiz is the only real witness against Carl.
Security will be very tight.
I may not be able to get to him.
You'll be able to get to him.
If they can get to the pope and the president, you can certainly get to him.
Careful. You're starting to sound like your husband, Mrs. Ayala.

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