Weird Science (1985): Grandparents Arrive


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The clip grandparents arrive from Weird Science (1985) with Ilan Mitchell Smith, Robert Rusler

Something's going on here, Carmen.
I have a feeling we won't approve, Henry.
A missile!
A missile in my house, Gary!
This puppy's for real, all right.
It was an accident.
It happens...
Accident my ass, Gary!
My parents and Chet will freak out!
They'll shit egg rolls.
Get out!
Get out! Scat!
Out! Disgusting tramps!
You, you, you... hosers!
Out! Out!
Stop that!
You shouldn't walk into somebody's house and hit people with your hat.
This is my daughter's home.
Who are you?
I'm a close personal friend of your grandson's.
Henry, call the police.
I'll have you incarcerated.
Here's the deal...
Gary and Wyatt... they created me on their computer.
I'm not going to listen to this baloney.
He doesn't stand for baloney.
Do you mind waiting?
I won't be a moment.
Have you ever?
Wyatt, your grandparents are downstairs.
Okay. Thanks, Lis.
Where are my grandparents?
Your kitchen is blue.
Want to try one?
Where are my grandparents?
They're all taken care of.

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