Weird Science (1985): Getting the Girls


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The clip getting the girls from Weird Science (1985) with Judie Aronson, Ilan Mitchell Smith

Crimson morning skyline
Whoa oh
What a weird night, huh?
You really weren't afraid of those guys?
I was scared.
But what could I do?
I probably shouldn't ask too many questions about tonight.
Since this is a night of weird shit, can I ask you something strange?
Would you kiss me?
What about Ian?
We all make mistakes.
Where do you want it?
Can I ask you a question?
How do you feel about Lisa?
I love her.
That's what I figured.
But, uh it's definitely a different kind of love.
You know, it's more sisterly, like big sisters, like, kind of.
But she's so beautiful.
Yeah, she's really beautiful.
And her body is... it's gorgeous.
It's a nice figure.
I mean, what would I be compared to her?
Deb, Lisa is everything I ever wanted in a girl before I knew what I wanted.

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