Weird Science (1985): Chet


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The clip chet from Weird Science (1985) with Bill Paxton, Kelly LeBrock

Quit screwing around!
This isn't funny, you stupid bitch!
Careful, Chet. Don't make me angry.
That's better.
Turn me back to normal.
I haven't done anything to you.
You've done plenty to your brother.
Like what?
You've nagged him, harassed him...
Huh, me?
Supressed him, extorted money from him.
It was done out of love.
I should give you a set of elephant balls.
Promise me you'll leave Wyatt and Gary alone, and I'll change you back.
Oh, all right.
Shake on it, huh?
No, thanks. I'd rather not.
Wait! Where are you going?
I have to go and get changed.
What about me?
The effect will wear off, okay?
I'm in love.
Isn't it great?
The best.
I'll tell you what.
Things are turning around for us.
I mean it.
Okay, what about Lisa?
We'll have a talk with her.
Think she'll understand?
I think so.
I sure as hell wouldn't want to date you.
You're not my type.

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