Weird Science (1985): Borrowing Lisa


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The clip borrowing Lisa from Weird Science (1985) with Robert Rusler, Ilan Mitchell Smith

Ha ha ha! Yeah! Woo!
I'd like to apologize for the Ice today at the mall.
It was very immature. I'm sorry.
It was just, like, tomfoolery.
We are sorry.
It happened.
What's the deal with Lisa?
Can we borrow her?
We can't do that, guys.
Common decency prohibits us.
We can't. It's not cool.
Well, she said it was cool.
We can't take advantage of her loyalties.
That's really selfish.
Just forget it, guys.
We can't do it, you know?
Come on. Quit being pricks.
Hey, come on.
Regardless of what she may have told you, our feelings for Lisa run very deep.
So do ours for Deb and Hilly.
It's respect, the time you spent together.
You guys deserve them.
We want to make a deal with you.
Let us have a crack at Lisa and Deb and Hilly are yours.
Can you guys keep a secret?
A secret?

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