Infestation (2009): Waking Up Part 3


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The clip waking up Part 3 from Infestation (2009)

Hey. Hi.
Hi. Hey, everything's... Everything's gonna be...
It's gonna be OK.
You know, my watch says it's the 26th,
so I think that means we've been out since Friday.
Hey, Ed. Wake up, big guy.
I don't remember any break-in.
What do these people want?
I got in a fight with a giant, er... a giant bug.
Yeah. About yea big. About three feet long.
Oh, jeez.
Yeah, that's... that's normal. Get that out of there.
What's happening?
Where... are we?
In the office.
Er, what's the last thing you remember?
Morning meeting. Er...
Conference call with...
Oh, my God. Sara. I have a daughter.
I know. I'm really worried about my family, too.
She's outside in a car. She was picking me up.

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