Somewhere in Time (1980): Getting the Room


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The clip getting the room from Somewhere in Time (1980)

Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Excuse me. Arthur!
Forgive me again, sir.
I'm very sorry, sir.
Ah, that's quite all right.
I'd like a room, please.
Oh... don't you have one?
Well, I was rather ill when I arrived last night, so I stayed with a friend.
Ah, I see.
You do have a room, sir?
Oh... yes, yes.
Thank you.
One single, $3.00 a day.
Bathroom privileges extra.
Would you care to sign the register now, sir?
Excuse me.
I-I'm sorry. Are you sure this is the right room?
The right room, sir? I-I don't understand.
Oh, I'm sorry, Mr. Biehl. That room is reserved.
Forgot to put a notice in the slot.
I'm very sorry.
Shall I sign?
Would you, please?
Excuse me.
Let me just finish that for you.
Grand Hotel.
Thank you, sir.
I beg your pardon?
Oh... nothing.
Which room is your luggage in, sir?
It's no problem. I can get it later myself.
Thank you very much.

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