Somewhere in Time (1980): Meeting with Robinson


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The clip meeting with robinson from Somewhere in Time (1980)

And I say, I shall have her!
Not in my, life, you shall not.
Mr. Collier?
I am the one who loves her!
For you.
Neither do you!
I can provide her with life's enrichments...
...rather than the riches of life.
Are you sure of what your saying?
I think an old song says it best.
Do you have any notion how many years...
...I have been with Miss McKenna?
Since March of 1903.
March, 1903.
That's correct.
She was 16 at the time.
There she was...
...on that dingy stage... that pathetic play.
Total radiance.
It only took seconds for me to realize...
...exactly what she had to be.
Mrs. Robinson?
Do you actually believe...
...that I have nurtured her...
...cared for her, molded, taught...
...developed her for all these years...
...merely to groom a wife?
What, then?
A star.
Only someone with...
...the limited awareness of your age...
...could possibly conceive that my entire passion for this woman... no more than physical!
Are you incapable of understanding that she...
...has it within herself to be one of the greatest...
...if not the greatest...
...actress of her generation?

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