Somewhere in Time (1980): Going to See Ms. Roberts


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The clip going to see ms. roberts from Somewhere in Time (1980) with Christopher Reeve, Teresa Wright

Uh, hello, yes. M-Miss Roberts?
Hi. My name's Richard Collier, and...
...I just read your book on famous American actresses...
...and I really enjoyed it a lot.
What is it you want?
Information about Elise McKenna.
What sort of information?
Well, I'm a playwright, and I was thinking about doing a play based on her life...
...and, of course, I'd have to talk...
I'm sorry.
Ma'am, please!
Please, don't.
This is not for a play, Miss Roberts.
This is something very personal.
I don't understand.
Where did you get that?
She gave it to me, ma'am.
At the opening night of a play that I wrote... Millfield College about eight years ago.
That watch was very precious to her.
She never... never left it out of her possession.
It disappeared the night she died.
She died that night?
Won't you come in, please?
Thank you.
I have some things I've been saving for the theater collection.
That was a costume from one of the plays she was in.
Miss Roberts...
...what was she like?
When I knew her, she was kind and thoughtful, but...

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