Somewhere in Time (1980): Finding the Guest Book


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The clip finding the guest book from Somewhere in Time (1980)

Yeah. Not bad.
Hey, look at these pictures.
I'll bet they're a hundred years old, if they're a day, huh?
Isn't that nice?
What a place, huh?
You like those?
Oh, it's beautiful.
They're yours.
I'll bet this is all crystal.
You suppose it is?
Oh, yeah, it must be.
Look at the rest of the place.
It has to be.
Look at here. The original picture, huh?
Yeah, but look how much they've been... It's beautiful.
Arthur? Arthur?
Arthur! Come on, wake up.
Hi. Arthur, I'm really sorry to wake you up, but...'re the only one who can help me.
Listen, you know those things in the Hall of History display cases?
Where do they come from?
Is there a storeroom or something?
Arthur, please. Where do those things come from?
The... attic, Mr. Collier.
Oh, shit!
Come on.
Here we go.

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