What Have I Done to Deserve This? (1984): Ingrid Calls Antonio


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The clip ingrid calls antonio from What Have I Done to Deserve This? (1984)

Answer it.
Antonio, this is Ingrid Muller...
Frau Muller! What a surprise!
I've been wanting to call you...
...but I didn't want to bother you...
You, bother me?
I've often thought about you!
I never forgot you...
...every day I think about you.
Antonio, I'd like to see you...
Frau Muller, if only I had known...
What would you say if I came...
...to Madrid to speak to you about business?
You? Come here?
To see me?
If you don't mind...
...I'd love to.
Soon, I'll let you know.
I have a small problem...
...and only you can help me.
Will you?
But of course...
You can count on me.
Thank you, Antonio.
Now that I've spoken to you, I feel better...
I'm so lonely...
Don't say that, you have me.
Thank you darling, see you soon...
Will you eat here?
What's changed your mood?
That whore's phone call?
How dare you.
When will she let us be?
What has she done to you?
Nothing, and to you?
You're jealous.
Who? Me?
You were drooling when you were talking to her...
Why don't you go back to Germany?
You're going too far... be careful...

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