Batman Begins (2005): Fox's Department


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The clip Fox's department from Batman Begins (2005) with Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman

Environmental procedures, defense projects, consumer products.
All prototypes. None in production.
On any level whatsoever.
What did they tell you this place was?
They didn't tell me anything.
Earle told me exactly what it was when he sent me down here.
Dead end.
Place to keep me from causing the board any more trouble.
Come on.
You were on the board?
When your father ran things.
You knew my father?
Oh, yeah.
Helped him build his train.
Here we are.
Kevlar utility harness.
Gas-powered, magnetic grapple gun.
The 350-pound test monofilament.
Wonderful project, your dad's train.
Routed it right into Wayne Tower, along with the water and power utilities.
Kind of made Wayne Tower the unofficial center of Gotham City.
Of course, Earle let it go to rot. Here we are.
Nomex survival suit for advanced infantry.
Kevlar biweave, reinforced joints.
This sucker will stop a knife.
Anything but a straight shot.
Bean counters didn't think a soldier's life was worth 300 grand.
So, what's your interest in it, Mr. Wayne?
I want to borrow it.
For spelunking.
Yeah, you know, cave diving?
You expecting to run into much gunfire in these caves?
Look, I'd rather Mr. Earle didn't know about me borrowing...
Mr. Wayne the way I see it all this stuff is yours anyway.

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