Daylight (1996): Nord Dies Part 2


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The clip nord dies Part 2 from Daylight (1996) with Sylvester Stallone, Viggo Mortensen

That sounds like an order, Mr. Latura.
You wanna give me an order ? Call my "800" number.
No, no, seriously, listen to me.
You and I are gonna crawl outta here together,
so why don't you just come down real slow-like, okay ?
There's no way through. This shaft is like a house of cards.
If it collapses, they're gonna be moppin' you up for a month.
It's not going to collapse. How do I know that ?
You don't achieve what I have without an instinct for the torque of a given situation.
If you think I'm gonna start...
second-guessing myself because of some gutless paramedic,
you'd better get a reality check.
Start sending those people in here.
Nord !
Stay there !
Get me outta here ! I'm ready to go !
Stay ! That's it.
Don't move, please.
Nord, I hope you make it.
Get outta here !
I always make it, Mr. Latura.
Move it ! Keep going !
Faster ! Faster !
Don't look back ! Keep going !
It's caving in !
You played me, fool man !
Get down !
Aaah !
All the D.T.A.'s are pulling double shifts.

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