Daylight (1996): Arguing with Survivors


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The clip arguing with survivors from Daylight (1996)

I thought I was clear. No one was supposed to go in there.
Excuse me, it was a lousy connection !
How many are in there ?
Bitch, he's talkin' to me !
Who are you ?
My name's Latura. Now, who's in there ?
There's one man in there, and it's Roy Nord himself.
That shaft's unstable. We gotta get him.
What you up to, man ? I'm in charge !
If you want to be in charge, fine, but that shaft's been compromised.
Anybody trying to get through, that whole thing's gonna come down.
It's not exactly safe in here, either !
We can't even breathe, man ! We gotta get outta here !
I know you've been through hell, but I'm just asking you to be patient...
a little bit longer and just trust me, okay ?
We'll go out the same way you came in.
That's not possible.
If you made it, we can make it.
Just give us a chance, man !
The fans are giving us air. Shut 'em down, we're dead.
That's it. That's a fact.
That won't work. Neither will this.
Roy's on top of it.
Roy's gonna be under it.
Now let me do what I gotta do, all right ?
I told you, I'm in charge here !
I'm in charge ! You understand me ?
Let him go, now !
Hello ? Serena ?

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