Daylight (1996): Trying to Help the Chief


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The clip trying to help the chief from Daylight (1996)

No, no, no ! We're working the mid-river !
We got some wormholes here. We'll find a way through.
It will work in the mid-river !
Thompson needs you !
What ?
Thompson !
I'll be with you in a second.
What's the ratio ? All right.
Frank, you got any hope on the New Jersey side ?
Fifty-yard cave-in, minimum.
Whatever's burning in there is toxic as Trenton. They got samples.
Demo ! Demo ! Come on, people, speak to me !
Give me another reading, Bob.
I would if I had time, but we're running out of it.
If you wanna buy some time, you gotta blow the tunnel shut.
What are you doin' here, Kit ?
You're not part of this.
I know that, but just listen to me.
We ran a terrorist hypothetical in '94.
The only way to fix the fire is to blow the roof in and seal the survivors from the fumes.
Where I come from, we don't blow up a tunnel that's already been blown up.
Chief wants to go through mid-river.
No, wait a minute.
Frank, you don't have to rationalize my actions to this guy !
I know you know your job, but we did a simulation.
You'll all be dead before you get through.
I know you ran a drill in '94, but right now you're not running a goddamn thing.
Copy that.
You're right. I just wanna help.
You don't get it, do you ?
You don't work here anymore. You understand that ?
Wilson, if I could just talk--
Come on, Kit. He's gonna have you arrested !
You gotta blow the tunnel shut. Talk to him.
You owe me that, Frank. Talk to him.
Your attention, please.

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