The Man Who Wasn't There (2001): Ann's UFO Story


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The clip Ann's UFO story from The Man Who Wasn't There (2001) with Katherine Borowitz

You know how Big Dave loved camping and the out of doors?
We went camping last summer in Eugene, Oregon.
Outside Eugene, Ed.
At night there were lights. We both saw them.
We never told anyone outside of our official report,
Our report to the government.
There was a spacecraft.
I saw the creatures.
They led Big Dave onto the craft.
He never told anyone what they did.
Ann, would you like to...
I cannot repeat it to you, but this thing goes deep, Ed.
It goes deep and involves the government.
This was not your wife. There's a great deal of fear.
You know how certain circles would-would find it,
The knowledge, a threat.
They-they try to limit it, and...
Ann, would you like to come in,
Sit down?
Maybe have a drink.
Sometimes knowledge is a curse, Ed.
After this happened,
Things changed.
Big Dave...
He never touched me again.
Tell Doris not to worry.
I know it wasn't her.

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