The Man Who Wasn't There (2001): Nirdlinger


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The clip Nirdlinger from The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)

Doris's boss, Big Dave Brewster,
Was married to Ann Nirdlinger, the department store heiress.
Tonight they were coming over for dinner.
As Doris said,
We were entertaining.
Me, I don't like entertaining.
How you doin', Ed?
Take your coat, Ann?
The japs had us pinned down on Buna for somethin' like six weeks.
I gotta tell ya, I thought we had it tough, but we had supply.
The japs were eatin' bugs and grubs and thistles.
Anyway, one day we bust off the beach...
And we find Arney Bragg, this kid missin' on recon.
The japs had eaten the son of a bitch.
If you'll pardon the, uh...
Anyway, he was a scrawny, pimply kid, nothin' to write home about.
I mean, I never woulda, you know.
So, what do I say, honey?
What do I say when I don't like dinner?
Come on. What do I say?
I say, "Arney Bragg, again?"
Arney Bragg, again?
Were you in the service, Ed?
No, Dave, I wasn't.
Ed was 4-f on account of his fallen arches.
That's tough.
That's... That's tough.

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