The Man Who Wasn't There (2001): Talking Business with Tolliver


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The clip talking business with Tolliver from The Man Who Wasn't There (2001)

What you... uh, come in.
Okay, yeah. I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh. I thought you were the porter.
Can I help ya?
I'm Ed.
Ed Crane.
Um, I cut your hair today.
I'm the barber.
Jesus, yeah. The barber.
I didn't recognize you without the smock.
Did I leave somethin' at the shop?
No. No, it's nothing like that.
Um, I-I might be interested in that business proposition.
You got the dough?
Well, I can get it.
Come in. Come in!
Sit down over there.
Well, sit down, make yourself comfortable.
So tell me...
Other than putting up the money, uh, exactly what would you want the partner to, uh...
Hell, nothin'.
You're gonna want to keep tabs on your investment, The running of the business,
but I'm looking for a silent partner.
I've done the research, I've contacted the vendors.
The deal is set.
Disappear, if you'd like. Check in whenever you want.
I want the dough. I don't take attendance.
And how do we share the...
Fifty-fifty, straight down the line.
You and me. Finance and expertise.
So you got the dough then, do ya?
I can have it in a week.
The barber...
Well, I thought this trip was gonna be a bust.
Just shows to go ya, when one door slams shut,
Another one opens.
Here's to you, uh...

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