Rush Hour 3 (2007): Carter to the Rescue


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The clip Carter to the rescue from Rush Hour 3 (2007) with Hiroyuki Sanada, Jackie Chan

Welcome to the party, Lee.
Tonight we celebrate the return of Shy Shen...
and the return of my brother.
Where is Soo Yung?
This sword has a past.
And like ours, it has seen much pain, much blood.
Hundreds of years ago the triads would kill their enemies...
with 100 cuts to the body.
They would be very careful to avoid any major arteries...
so that the victim would stay alive for as long as possible.
You have just experienced your first cut.
If anything happens to Soo Yung-
You could never kill me, Lee. We both know that.
You know nothing about me.
I know you have no wife, no children, no family.
Your life ended when we were kids, back in Chenzhou.
You have nothing. Just like me.
I wouldn't say nothin'!
He has me.
His brother from another mother.
Where is she?

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