Rush Hour 3 (2007): Not Your Brother


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The clip Not your brother from Rush Hour 3 (2007)

I think you feel sorry for this guy.
Maybe Kenji didn't get away in LA.
Maybe you let him go.
The yakuza killed his family in Tokyo. He was sent to China when he was 7.
He was put in Chenzhou, the orphanage where I grew up.
We kept each other alive.
You protected each other. And you're still protectin' him.
I call him shyong dih.
He was like my brother.
And then I left him.
You was adopted. What choice did you have?
He ended up on the streets.
You could never understand.
I understand, man. I got a brother.
My little brother Perry.
We used to be best friends. Now we don't even speak.
He think I tipped off the cops about his chicken fights in his garage.
Can you believe that? My own brother think I'm a snitch.
Just 'cause my chicken lost in the semifinals.
I didn't even really care.
Fight was fixed, man.
My bird was fightin' a chicken that didn't make his weight.
And he still went the distance.
He had a lotta heart. And he was delicious.
It's best if I do this on my own. This fight is personal.
Lemme help you, man. I'm-a tell you right now...
whatever Kenji's tellin' you, it ain't true.
He ain't your brother.
And you are not my brother.
I'm not your brother.
What have I got to do to make you love me?

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