King of the Ants (2003): Recruiting to the Mission Part 7


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The clip recruiting to the mission Part 7 from King of the Ants (2003)

Well, i mean...
The conditions would have to be right.
What would these conditions be?
Okay, um...
well, one- There would have to be
No possible way of my getting caught or even suspected.
That's a given.
And then, i'd have to be sure i was physically safe.
You know, i wouldn't want to put myself in danger from
The victim or anyone else who might be around, so i-
I'd have to be in a guaranteed superior position.
You mean stronger?
Yeah, i mean one way or another, with better weapons or surprise or whatever.
Makes sense.
Okay. Four-
Whoa, what happened to three?
We just did three.
What was it?
It doesn't matter. Fine, this is three then.
Which is- It's actually part of two.
Anyway, it's-
I'd have to be 100% sure that i could pull it off.
You shoot the fucking guy.
No, no, no. You see, i can't-
That doesn't
That comes back to the point
To number-
The point about safety. Where it can't be a weapon that could ever be traced.
That's good thinking.
Okay... what number are we at?
Who the fuck knows? You lost me back at three!
You know what? It doesn't matter.
Five then, point five-
A reason.
I'd need a reason why i was gonna do it.
Such as?

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