King of the Ants (2003): Going Around in the Zoo

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Published 1 Dec 2011
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The clip going around in the zoo from King of the Ants (2003)

What's going on here, duke? What are we doin...
The clip going around in the zoo from King of the Ants (2003)

What's going on here, duke? What are we doing at the zoo?
You know anybody that ever goes to the zoo?
No, well, me neither.
This way no one will recognize us.
i kinda like it. It's nice.
So you got my money?
What fucking money?
Matthews owes me.
Oh, fuck.
Come on, will ya?
Sean, you know what people do when the go to the zoo?
They try to figure out what animals their friends look like.
Duke. Duke!
You never played this game before?
Of course, usually, it's monkeys, i'll grant you that, but i think we can do better.
And no fair are the obvious stuff,
Like calling me a fucking elephant or a warthog or something.
You gotta use the imagination.
As for you...
clearly we have to go to the reptile house.
Yeah, there's a bit of a lizard about you, you know?
A little bit slimy,
Watchful, waiting.
A little bit of camouflage.
Quit fucking around, duke!
What's so fucking funny?
You are! You're fucking hilarious.
You come on the big tough detective.
You think you got it all figured out,
But you're fucking pitiful. Why do you think we hired you in the first place?
I don't know, because if anything happened i can't be connected to you.
Yeah, and...?
And i guess, because you thought i'd be good at it.
You? What good are you at following people?
Figuring things out?
You're a clueless little turd who's about a good a detective
As i am a fucking ballerina.
You don't even have a car, for christ's sakes!
No, you're useless. That's why we hired you, because you're useless.
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