Now You Know (2002): The Kerri-Marty Suspicions


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The clip The Kerri-Marty Suspicions from Now You Know (2002)

That was so... wrong.
So this is what they do for fun in Jersey, huh?
Where do you learn you have that talent with the lit matches?
I can't believe my mom made us throw out the coffee table!
I'm still gonna get the rest of my money, right, boys?
Gil, if and when I finally do get married...
can we skip the bachelor party?
The same for me.
I still want one.
What? It was all right.
Thanks, sweetie.
So, then that wasn't a bachelor party after all.
It was supposed to be.
Jeremy over there was supposed to get married, but they called it off.
Oh, how sad. What happened?
Oh, it's kind of a long story.
She dumped 'im.
Do you mind?
It's not your fault. It's Kerri's.
I know, but it's kind of personal.
When was the wedding supposed to be?
This weekend.
And you said her name is Kerri?
Short girl, about this height...
real pretty with shoulder-length hair?
Uh, yeah.
How'd you know that?
Well, I met her last night.
You did? Where?
At a place called the Three Dollar Bill. It's a gay bar.
Oh, no. I don't think so. You must be mistaken.
She was there with another girl... a regular.
You know, she's real pretty... kind of dark hair, tattoos.
Kind of scary.

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