Now You Know (2002): Kerri and Marty Talk


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The clip Kerri and Marty Talk from Now You Know (2002)

Marty, please, of course I'm sure.
Who have I been spilling my guts to all week long anyway?
Me, but I was sure that when I got you home, you'd tell me all about your new man with the big prick.
Sorry to disappoint you, but this certainly isn't about anybody with a big prick.
That tells us a little bit about Jeremy, and that alone is grounds for calling off the wedding.
Oh, God, I wish it was that easy.
Then at least people would understand.
Kerri, people do understand. They're just in shock.
Even I was a little surprised when you called off the wedding.
When you first told me about it, I just thought you had cold feet.
Yeah, I thought so too.
That's why it went on for so long.
Come in.
Hey, Marty.
Mom wants to know if you can eat over.
Oh, thanks, stud, but I don't think so. I haven't been feeling so good lately.
Shut up. Tell Mom she will.
Make sure I'm sitting next to you.
What do you think would happen if I just grabbed his little pecker underneath the table?
He would probably combust.
So, anyway, I just...
don't see anything wrong with not wanting to marry a guy...
who's not in love with me anymore.
I want somebody who after 50 years still looks at me like he's lucky to have me.
God, Marty, I thought you out of all people in the world would understand that.
But it sounds like you think I made a mistake too.
I don't think you made a mistake. I'm just saying that sometimes...
it might be nice to have someone who...
Marty, you don't even understand.
You've never been in a relationship for more than a month.
You don't know what it's like...
to date a guy who treats you more like a sister than a lover.

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