Now You Know (2002): Out To A Lesbian Bar


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The clip Out To A Lesbian Bar from Now You Know (2002)

How you doing?
Good. How are you?
Marty, please, can we go home?
You said you wanted to get a couple of drinks. Come on.
Can we just get them somewhere else?
You also said you wanted to go somewhere where we wouldn't see Jeremy.
And I can guarantee you, we won't see Jeremy here.
Although knowing his friends, you never know.
What are you looking at? She's with me!
Oh, my God.
Come on. Relax.
I really think you're gonna like it here. You can just kick back and be yourself...
and have a couple of drinks and not feel like a piece of meat.
I mean, for the most part, people are really respectful...
when they see that you're with someone!
Do you come here a lot?
Well, not a lot, but I've been here a couple of times, yeah.
Is this where you met the father?
Who do you think I am, Madonna?
No, I don't think any of the men here would be interested in making babies with me.
I just figured given our two situations, this would be a pretty cool place to hang out.
Besides, you know what? Being a lesbian is considered very chic nowadays.
When word gets out you were here, you're gonna be beating men off with a hammer.
Word gets out? I don't want anybody to know.
What if Jeremy finds out? He's gonna think that I left him because I'm a lesbian.
Don't worry. I mean, no offense, Ker...
but Jeremy doesn't exactly hang out with people high on the social ladder.
Do you think Muffin knows anything about girls at all?
I guess you have a point. I just don't want Jeremy thinking...
he somehow turned me off to men, you know.
Like, "If she can't have me, she might as well go lesbian," you know.
Okay, stop. You are not a lesbian!
We are just out for a couple of drinks and some pleasant conversation.

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