Now You Know (2002): On An Airplane Home


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The clip On An Airplane Home from Now You Know (2002)

Shane, how am I gonna get through the metal detector with this thing on?
What, are you kidding me?
You ever see the people who watch these things, man? They probably won't even notice.
It's scary to think they're the first line of defense against terrorism.
Well, sad as they are, I think they'll notice this.
And what's Kerri gonna think?
Hey. Hey, who cares what she thinks?
Just tell her it's a little reminder of the kick-ass bachelor party you had.
It'll probably burn her up that you still went through with it.
I'm not trying to burn her up, Shane.
Why not?
Because if I piss her off, I'll never find out why she called off the wedding.
I can't believe you don't know.
I haven't had a chance to really talk to her yet.
I finally get one and I've got a bowling ball chained to my leg.
Whoa. What? Are you afraid you're gonna have to run away?
I might.
Well, in that case...
You've had the key this whole time?
I broke three tiles in my bathroom trying to shower with this.
You're a prick.
Shut up.
Glad to see you're having fun.
Kerri, wait.
Hurry up.
All right, all right. You're free.
Hey, Jer. Don't forget to pick me up in Jersey tomorrow!
Okay, here we go.
What the hell was that supposed to mean, "Glad to see you're having fun"?
Come on, Jeremy. You don't think I got the message out there?
What message? What are you talking about?
We're flying home for what would be our wedding, but it's not...
and your friend is removing a ball and chain from your ankle for me to see?
I got the message. It was very cute.
Jesus, Kerri, that's not what that was. That was for my bachelor party last night.

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