Now You Know (2002): On An Airplane Home Part 2


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The clip On An Airplane Home Part 2 from Now You Know (2002)

Your bachelor party? Jeremy, we're not getting married.
Yeah, I've heard.
Let me ask you a real stupid question.
Have you told everybody that the wedding's off yet?
Look, Kerri, I-I have told a few people...
but every time I tell someone, they say, "What happened?"
I don't know what happened.
So the next time somebody asks you what happened, tell them you don't know.
They'll understand.
Don't worry, Jeremy. I'm not gonna bother you the whole flight.
As soon as everyone gets on, I'm gonna find an empty seat and move.
No. Kerri, I don't want you to move. I wanna talk to you.
Oh, you wanna talk now, huh?
You didn't wanna talk the night we called the wedding off.
You didn't wanna talk when you moved out.
Here. There's a magazine...
'cause it's too late for talking.
Hey, slick, why don't you move on over?
Come on.
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for choosing West-To-East Airlines...
for today's nonstop flight from Las Vegas to Newark, New Jersey.
Due to a cancellation of last night's red-eye flight...
we're expecting a full flight this morning.
So we're gonna ask that you move to your seats and keep the aisles clear...
so we can finish the boarding process and begin final preparations before takeoff.
Thank you.
Good morning, ladies. Off to school, are we?
Would you like to take a ride?
Do you need a tutor?
Yo, yo, yo, yo.
Yo, my name's Biscuit. Show me your buns.
Look at these fucking guys. What a life they got.

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