Now You Know (2002): Jeremy Return Home Part 2


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The clip Jeremy Return Home Part 2 from Now You Know (2002)

"Pretended nothing happened"? Her backyard was so red, it looked like fucking Mars.
I don't mean pretend it didn't happen. I mean, obviously it did.
I just think we should have acted like it was no big deal.
The dog's tongue actually hit her.
Can we just drop it, please?
Frankly, the whole thing is just a buzz kill, man.
You think Jeremy's home yet?
Our blushing groom? Probably.
Shit, man.
Jeremy's getting married.
That's weird.
We're gonna have to bring, like, flowers...
or, like, a bottle of wine when we go over to his house now.
Biscuit, when did you become Joe Rockefeller, lavishing gifts on women?
For your information, I happen to have quite a reputation...
for being very generous when it comes to the ladies.
What? The last date you had was in sixth grade with Sarah Fargis.
And the only thing I'm aware of you giving her was scabies.
Is that your idea of a generous gift... a parasite?
Sarah Fargis gave me scabies.
That's why I broke up with her.
And I have had many dates since Miss Fargis, thank you.
Oh, you broke up with her, huh?
Biscuit, need I remind you that you were the only kid in elementary school with a restraining order?
You weren't allowed on the playground for recess, for Christ sakes.
All right, all right! Man!
Fuck that Fargis bitch!
Can we please just go call Jeremy?

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