Deliver Us From Eva (2003): Ray is out of the Deal

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The clip ray is out of the deal from Deliver Us From Eva (2003) with Dartanyan Edmonds Crossed the line wi...
The clip ray is out of the deal from Deliver Us From Eva (2003) with Dartanyan Edmonds Crossed the line with Eva, didn't you, Ray? No. Don't lie, you lyin' bald headed son of a bitch. All I did was what you paid me for. And now that Eva's in a relationship, our women are even worse. Everything that you do comes back on us. And Eva's keeping all the money, Ray. That's not my fault. Like hell it ain't your fault, Ray! Something's wrong with you, Ray. You've been having too much damn fun with Eva. You haven't asked for any expenses lately. Why's that? You pay for the woman. You must like the woman. That's ridiculous. I'm a player. I'm on the job. What's in the garment bag, Ray? Nothing. A suit. I got a promotion at work. A promotion? That is Eva all the way. No, that's me. Then what the hell is this? Tupperware. That's Eva's middle name. I just needed to organize a few things. Organization is Eva's second middle name. Look, Eva got a job offer in Chicago. You're gonna dump her. That way, she has no reason to stay here, get it? Yes. Say "yes," Ray. She's staying because of me? Uh-uh. She's staying because you boned her. You boned her! We know all about it, partner. And that is like stealing from your job. You have embezzled the booty. Now, look. You're gonna call her tomorrow, and you're gonna tell her it's over. No. He did not just say "no," did he? No, I said "no." Listen, now! Hold up for a second! You're supposed to be a master player. You forgot the rules. Players don't feel. That's like a pimp with a health plan, brother. Mike, where did you find this big-ass bamba, man? You done went from DMX to Babyface on us, man. What's up with that? Wait. They done gave you a copy of their theme song. They done made you an orange. Okay, okay, look. I'm sorry. I do like her, all right? I had to open my heart to get to her, and when I did, she got to me first. I think I might love her. Love? Love is an excuse, an alibi, a justification for sex. But it is not something that should stop a man from keeping his promise, Ray.