Deliver Us From Eva (2003): Eva Agrees to Date Ray Part 2


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The clip eva agrees to date ray Part 2 from Deliver Us From Eva (2003) with LL Cool J, Gabrielle Union

I deliver meat... forJomo's.
Meat delivery. Interesting.
Jomo's deals in only premium meats, high-end clientele.
What about you? I'm a health inspector.
That sounds interesting too.
I need a gurney for my ass.
See the man with flames coming out of his ass?
We're gonna need backup. Thank you. Squeeze and pull.
How about we go get a plate of food?
Sure. A nice hot one.
Two minutes and she has not insulted him.
This could be very promising. Mm-hmm. They feel good together to me.
So, you wanna go out with me sometime?
Is your girlfriend coming too? 'Cause we could all play canasta...
or Parcheesi or Taboo or something.
Well, she's, uh-
Actually, it's not working out. We're not together anymore.
As one car breaks down, you just hop into another one?
I'd like to think that going out with you is riding in a limo.
I'm sorry. Did I insult you?
No. No, it was very funny.
I just don't laugh a lot.
Lord, help me. That's a good-looking man.
I can't keep my legs together.
The sun comes up and you can't keep your legs together.
Telly. He's got sneaky eyes.
Jacqui, don't you start.
I didn't make the man's eyes all beady and shifty. Shh!
You never answered my question.
What question was that? Will you go out with me?

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