Deliver Us From Eva (2003): Singing in Ray's Truck


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The clip singing in ray's truck from Deliver Us From Eva (2003) with Gabrielle Union, LL Cool J

You're late. I know.
I left early, but there was a real bad accident on the street.
Who told you I like lilies?
Sometimes a man gets lucky.
Looks like somebody likes-
I was noticing all the pictures of the horses.
You look good.
I love horses. And thank you.
Here, uh, let me take these from you.
You ever see the accident rates on these things?
They're very dangerous. No.
That's why I drive this. Okay.
You're joking, right?
This is what you drive when you take out a woman?
Yeah. It's clean and it's free.
I'm saving to buy a house. Oh.
I can understand that. Home ownership is very important.
Does your mother live with you? No.
Even better.
My boss has been hinting he might want to slow down.
Let somebody run the day-to-day for him.
I think he might want me to do it. That's great. When do you start?
I'm thinking about it. There is nothing wrong with a little ambition.
I was a secretary in my department. Now I'm the lead inspector.
I gave myself five years to get there. I did it in four.
There you go, doing that thing you do with your face again.
Just drive your meat wagon, man.
Did you hear about the black caveman they found?
They knew he was black by the curve of his jaw, length of his spine,
Cadillac he was buried in.
You tell me a joke now. I'm not a jokey-joke type person, so-

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