Deliver Us From Eva (2003): Bribe Ray to Go out with Eva


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The clip bribe Ray to go out with Eva from Deliver Us From Eva (2003) with LL Cool J, Dartanyan Edmonds

This is Ray Adams, y'all. What's happening?
I thought you moved to Florida. I did.
I worked at a car dealership down there, but that was a year ago.
I never keep a job more than a year.
I work for Jomo's Meats in L.A. now.
I know Jomo's.
Why do you quit your job every year? What's that about, brother?
Well, I have to service my many talents. Oh.
I was brought up an orphan. No mama, no daddy.
No ties. That's how I do it.
If you guys hadn't noticed, Ray is quite the player.
As we saw the other night.
Yeah. Love your work, baby.
You ought to be exempt from taxes for that shit.
Nothing Mike couldn't do. No, I turned in my player card.
I'm practically engaged to a beautiful woman named Bethany.
Congratulations. Thank you, thank you.
She's gorgeous too, but not as fine as her sister, Eva.
Yeah, I can't even front.
I wish I was good enough for Eva.
I wish I was her garbage, man. Look.
She's cute. But why is she scowling like that?
Her face is so tight. That's her sexy smirk.
She ain't scowling. Right. Right.
W-W-What's c-c-cracking, f-fellas?
Whoa! Bitch!
Hey! Hey!
Back over here, man. Don't pay the retard-
The drinking
He got out early. That's all.
Ray, how would you like to meet Eva?
Is she giving it up?
"Is she giving it up?"
Man, she's double-jointed.
She's lookin' up at her feet every night.
Bumping her head on the headboard, all that.
That's right.
So I only have one question: What's wrong with her?
Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
So three grown men walk into a bar...
to hook up a man for a perfectly good woman.
What is it? She got five kids, a violent ex
con boyfriend?
Is she one of those evil, nasty sisters who beats a brother down till he's dust?
What is it?
It's the ex
con thing, bro.
Ray, Ray, look, I gotta be honest with you.

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