Deliver Us From Eva (2003): Eva Inspects a Resaturant Kitchen


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The clip eva inspects a resaturant kitchen from Deliver Us From Eva (2003) with Matt Winston, Gabrielle Union

Hey, got your order. Where do you want it?
Freezer number one. Make sure you stack them neatly.
Excuse me.
Hello. Where's Leonard?
He's sick. I'm Oscar, the assistant manager.
Okay, Oscar, I'm Inspector Dandridge from the health department.
Yes, I've heard about you. Good. Then you know the drill.
Let's get clean.
It does not look good, Oscar.
I found contamination in red zones.
Your glass freezer door has a hairline break in it.
And I found black pellets behind the food containers in the back.
That is probably just graphite from the new units we put in.
Your water's only 105 degrees. Can you just let that slide?
The requirement is 110, because science tells us...
at that temperature all dangerous organisms will die.
That means in your water, some will live. And not just any germs, Oscar.
No. The bad-ass ones, the ones that can swim in 1 05
degree-temperature water...
and live to party on some child's french fries.
We don't serve fries. Are you mocking me?
No, ma'am. That's good, because I'm not done yet.
This entire kitchen gets a level four sanitation or you get written up.
What? No, that means it's in the newspaper.
Thank goodness for you I've got a soft heart. Heart?
You don't have a heart.
You got a hole with an ice pump in it. You know, I don't understand you.
Why do you have to be so goddamn uncompromising?
It's called principle, Oscar.

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