Deliver Us From Eva (2003): Ray Profeses His Love to Eva


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The clip ray profeses his love to eva from Deliver Us From Eva (2003)

Eva, please. Let me have a minute. Stalker!
Sixty seconds, Eva. Okay, okay, one minute. Go, Raymond.
Raymond? How did I get all the way back to Raymond? Right.
I don't want you to stop being mad.
I understand how you feel.
I'm upset, too, at myself.
But we need to remember what we're losing here. Tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.
I know you still have feelings for me.
I have feelings for you.
Life is hard, Eva. We both passed up on a lot of good things.
We are too wise for that now.
I am never, ever gonna find another woman like you.
I love you.
You know what I learned about love, Raymond?
It isn't a virus that infects you. It's a choice.
We choose to be in love, and we choose what love makes us do.
I earned your choice, and you stole mine.

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