Deliver Us From Eva (2003): a Plan is Born Part 2


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The clip a plan is born Part 2 from Deliver Us From Eva (2003)

All I said was, you was a little uptight.
But I like that though.
So it was like a compliment in reverse.
Oh, reverse. Right. I see. Yeah. Yeah.
You feeling me. Yeah, sure.
Did you know that female spiders eat the male when she's done with him?
Yeah. They date, they laugh, and then she turns his ass into a crab cake.
Now, while the prospect of biting your head off makes me happy,
I am sure that ultimately you are not a Happy Meal.
So, I'm moving on to better cuisine.
Good-bye, Rashaun.
Eva, wait. You're just gonna say good-bye?
Oh, no, it's not good-bye. It's hello in reverse.
Eva. Come on, girl.
Eva put that man in the mental ward.
You're always exaggerating.
Eva drove the brother insane. I seen him last week.
Dude sound like Ron Hopper. Now he t-t-talk like th-th-this.
This can work with Ray. The boy is a specialist.
He is a master player.
Listen, Ray can get Eva to let go ofher sisters.
Then when it's just us and them, we can have all their love.
Right, right.
We can get him to seduce her.
'Cause all she really needs is some you
Hold up. What Eva really needs is a sensitive man-
somebody that can help her with her personality problems.
What she needs is a dude that can hit that ass till she starts speaking in tongues.
Right, right, right. Can Ray do that?

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