Bulletproof (1996): Can't Trust You


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The clip can't trust you from Bulletproof (1996)

See you later.
Thanks for being a hero, Charlie.
You're putting the handcuffs back on. Thanks.
It's Finch.
It has to be Finch.
One thing I don't understand though.
What's that?
He's a special DEA officer.
These guys don't usually flip out like that.
Colton can fix anyone who might be able to help him. You fucking shit!
You ruined my life!
Where are you going?
I'm calling the FBI.
Did you not listen to a word I said?
You're saying Colton has FBI agents, too?
Is it the plate in your head? I don't remember you being that stupid.
Colton has notebooks with people's names in them.
Cops, judges...
...FBI agents. I know 'cause I wrote some names in there myself.
You're just afraid the FBI will make it harder for you to run.
Your problem is, you see everything in black and white.
You don't realize most people live in a gray area.
Spare me your ignorant philosophy.
I trust the FBI more than a guy who shot me in my head.
Call me wacky.
The bus comes in at 7:00.

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