Bulletproof (1996): Chatting with the Wrong Women


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The clip chatting with the wrong women from Bulletproof (1996)

The American custom is different than here in Mexico.
When you first meet someone, you just start kissing, kiss each other...
...get to know each other. It's a little odd, but if you loosen up you can enjoy it.
Señor, you are so funny.
I'm funny and good looking, too. Admit it. I'm not great looking...
...but pretty good. About a 7.
How many of you have done it with a bullfighter?
Anybody? Come on, a show of hands.
We don't like bullfighters.
We hate when they kill the bull.
No, I wouldn't kill the bull. That's not nice.
I like to get to know the bull. Teach it how to read...
...make him stop smoking. Bulls shouldn't smoke.
How's it going?
We don't like you gringos bothering our women!
And I wouldn't do that. That's why I'm leaving. Nice meeting you.
Oh, God. Come on.
You got a problem with him, you got a problem with us. Right, Keats?
You don't want to beat me up in front of my mother, do you?

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