Bulletproof (1996): Renting a Room


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The clip renting a room from Bulletproof (1996) with Adam Sandler

All right, they got porno.
Can I help you, gentlemen?
I need to use your phone.
Charlie, is it?
I saw the sign. You got a lot of porno here?
Yes. We have an excellent selection.
Great. I like porn.
Well, good.
Cap, it's me.
Someone tipped Colton off about the pickup.
We got word. We heard about the attack.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. Who's there with you?
We're in a motel, outside of Flagstaff.
A place called the Hunting Cap Lodge.
We'll find it. We'll have someone there in the morning.
Let's keep this between us.
We can't trust nobody right now.
You must loose your mind up here in the sticks, with nothing to do.
You whack off a lot?
What's "a lot"?
You got five minutes off, nothing to do.
You go into one of the rooms, pull down your panties, whack it.
Excuse me.
We need a room.
You guys aren't... you know?
It's been a long day, just give me a room.
...just fill this out...

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